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Your Fire Break

It is not unusually for Forest Rangers to fight wild fires with a FIRE BREAK. By definition, a fire break is defined as:
"A strip of plowed or cleared land made to check the spread of a prairie or forest fire."

Many times this break is formed by starting several smaller controlled fires, to clear the area. In today's world, we do not know when we will have "Wild Fires" that are started by The Adversary. We often try to  put these fires out, but lack a plan to really do much good. Many complain that the "smaller fires" plague us daily, without realizing it is these "controlled burns" that will protect us from the wild fires that will burn us up!

When you travel down life's path, remember Our Heavenly Father knows what tomorrow brings. I have been burned... But never "burned up"

When you feel a "smoldering fire", be thankful for the fire-break, and ask Our Almighty God to take care of it for you.