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To Whom Do We Deceive

To Whom Do We Deceive?

Two men were fishing on a lake. They were feeling guilty that it was a Sunday morning, and they were not attending church.  And the fish were not biting.

The first guy eventually says: "I should have stayed home and gone to church today."

To which the other angler replied: "I couldn't have gone to church anyhow." " My wife is saying she is sick in bed today."

I think it is strange, that some people do not consider a lie to themselves, as deceit. This is perhaps due to the fact they do know the truth at first. However the problem is three fold.
(1) Deceit is not of Our Father, but from The Adversary. It allows him an "open door" to our mind. Even though we know the REAL truth, over time, it may not be as clear as when we first knew it. These "seeds of deception" start to grow slow, but once planted, have the ability to take over the "Garden of our Mind"
(2) White lies are not called lies for nothing. They are still LIES! When we allow ourselves to give some lies an approval rating, then we are giving Satan an approval rating also. The Word of God says ALL sin is sin, so all lies are lies.
(3) When a person accepts just a little bit of darkness into his life, then he has opened himself up to TOTAL Darkness. Our Father will never share space with Satan. Our Father kicked Satan out of Heaven due to the darkness within Satan. Light and Darkness cannot cohabit the same area.
Our Father never used the term "gray area", man did in order to justify himself to other men. God will NOT justify the unjustifiable. I am sure the term "gray area" was whispered into the ear of man, just as the thought, " Eve has eaten the fruit, and did not die" was whispered into the ear of Adam. 

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