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Many of us are unaware that we may be the only "Light from God" that is seen by others. They look at us to see the goodness that they heard about from The Bible. We are like the moon, a reflection of the Light of God.

Matthew 5:16
New International Version
Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

The Cross
Is the way Jesus chose to say He'd rather face your punishment for you...  Than to remain in Heaven without you.
 I would like to take a moment to thank our Father for allowing us to maintain the freedoms we hold as a Nation.  
I am not discounting the many lives that fought for and died to make  Our Nation what it is today, we have Memorial and Veterans Day to show respect to these PEOPLE. I chose NOT to use the word AMERICANS, because it was NOT just Americans that died for Our Freedoms. During two world wars, soldiers of OTHER Nations  also died for the freedoms we enjoy today.
I would like to pray for Our Government... That they remember one of our freedoms is the right to Worship Our Father. The right NOT to worship is NOT a protected right. We as a people chose to allow them, (The Fatherless) NOT to worship if they so choose. They DO NOT have the right to take our Rights to Prayer, because they choose not to!
We are very blessed to have a Holy Father that loves us. We have the right to talk to Him whenever we choose to. This is also a free speech issue. If the non-believers have no one to pray to, this is of their choosing, not ours. Yes, we are BLESSED to have such a loving Father. I know we have a word for people that are "fatherless" but as a Christian... I will refrain from using it. Perhaps THIS is why the non believers carries "a chip on their shoulders" to those of us so blessed...
Pastor Mark
~~Will You Pray for me~~
I noticed in today's time, many people talk without thinking. They say things like "I will pray for you." but never bother to even pray for themselves! This type of "lip service" must end. When I ask for a prayer for me, I am COUNTING on you to do so. It is as if when saying "I will pray for you", they lack the faith to believe it will do any good. The truth is, prayer without faith, is about as good as a dollar is to a dead man. We need REAL FAITH! 
Here is a short story to make my point
Where is your faith?
Once there was a man that wanted to show he could tight wire walk across Niagara Falls. As he set up the wire, many people appeared to watch him. He announced he was going to walk, jump, and do back flips across the wire. The people watched in amazement as he performed his death defying act. When he reached the other side, he yelled to the crowd "Do you think I can do it again?"   "Yes", they all screamed! Then he retrieved a wheelbarrow, and yelled "I am going to push this wheelbarrow in front of me as I come back, do you still think I will be able to do it?" "yes", "yes" they all screamed!
Smiling, he replied, "Then who wants to get in the wheelbarrow?"
Faith is one thing that many do not understand the importance of. So much of your Christian life depends on it. Many of your blessings start with having faith. We have the definition for faith on our main page of SalvationFirst in a green font.  Click here: SalvationFirst Main Page Do you have this kind of faith? Many tell me they pray to Our Father, but how do they worship Him? When was the last time you cried because the Love of Our Father kissed you!
When was the last time a cold chill ran up your back, because you FELT God enter your space and knew He was there listening to you. Brothers and Sisters, please let THIS be the weekend you tell Our Father you really want to get back on track.
For those readers that have a home church, please take the time to REALLY pray for SalvationFirst Ministry. For those that use SalvationFirst Ministry as there "Home" Ministry, ( Soldiers, truckers, and the homebound) please feel the love of those that will pray for us. Did you know SalvationFirst has a PrayerWheel?
Please visit and leave a short prayer for your spouse, family, Our Military, or just to thank Our Heavenly Father for all He has blessed you and your family with! Click here: SalvationFirstPrayerwheel  Please feel free to read the prayers posted, and include them in YOUR prayer to Our Father.
Pastor Mark

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