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  2 Corinthians 2:17

Thank You LORD

Thank You LORD for protecting me
From nine months prior to my birth.
Thank You, LORD for everything
You have blessed me with on Earth.

Thank You for allowing me to see,
What True Love is all about.
And being there to comfort me
When I was worried and in doubt

Thank You for the pain I felt,
That made me stronger than before.
Than You for Your "Protecting Arms"
That made me love You so much more.

Thank You for the sunshine,
That mixes with the rain.
That rewards me with a "A Bow of Hope"
If I remember to abstain.

Thank You for Your many gifts,
That remind me You are near.
You have shown how much You love me,
And that You hold me dear.

Sometimes I cry Your Name out loud,
And times You whisper back
"If you give me, all you have,
I promise you will never lack"

But the things that I have given You,
My problems, hopes and fears.
You took them all and smiled,
And wiped away my tears

Father, I could never express in words,
How much I love You so.
I pray with tears of joy at night,
So I guess You already know.

I say this prayer to You tonight,
And ask You to protect Our Flock.
Thank You for sending Your Only Son,
To be Our Foundation made of Rock.