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I read with great interest this latest e-message, thank you.  I have a question since Sept 2005 I have been fighting a divorce action from my mentally ill wife.  She has said that I did a lot of abuse to her which I never did.  The only thing I did was to restrain her from being totally stupid several times when she was not taking her meds.  I can see for the time being I am not going to win this battle.  I tell myself that I can continue to love her in spite of what is happening.  There are many people who tell me that she is just using me to get what she wants, and she does it to all that come in contact with her.  I only want to do what the lord says in the right thing to do.  I would like your thoughts on this issue.


P.S. we have been married over 25 years and she has been mentally ill to some degree for 23 years



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Your question cannot really be answered by anyone except Our Heavenly Father. So anyone that tells you they have the answer, is wrong.... However, I will tell you what I base this reply on.
Many will say, "How strong is your faith, with God ALL things are possible!" And some will say "God does not close one door, without opening another." Both are true... The reason they are both true is this:
God has given you freewill, but He has also given your wife freewill.  In the scriptures, Adam was attacked by Satan. However Satan knew that he could never win, because Adam was so close to Our Heavenly Father. The scriptures say they walked together through the Garden.  The only way Satan stood a chance to get what he wanted,  was to use a weakness Adam had. Adams only weakness, was his love for his wife.  So Satan took this weakness, to tempt Adam with.   So Adam was not attacked straight on by Satan, but was lead astray by Eve.  Eve had freewill... but so did Adam! Adam could have said NO to Eve, and explained to her why it was wrong, but she had already eaten of the fruit BEFORE Adam knew about it. What Adam saw was Eve had eaten the fruit, and did NOT die. What Adam should have done, was to go to The Father and ask Him for advice. But he didn't. 
This is one reason, why I said to go to Our Heavenly Father. Never trust the words of others, in times like this. As Satan will use anyone to get you to break the connection between you and God. He also used a wife to get to Adam. YOU are the head of your home, if Satan gets you, he gets all you have... This includes your wife.
Bring your wife to Our Father. Pray together, hug her and let her see the love of Our Father, that is in you. Ask God to give you the words to explain His love for both of you. You must listen to Our Father also. I am sure He has a message for your ears only.
But make sure you "scripture test" this message, to make sure it IS from Our Heavenly Father. Satan will try to use this time to mislead you. The message Adam received was, "Eve ate the fruit, and is not dead" Had he thought about it, he would have known this message was NOT from Our Father, but from Satan.
Our Father  will always protect us, but we must ask Him to. This is due to the FREEWILL He has given us all. It is this freewill that will lead us to Hell, but it is also this freewill that will show us the way to Heaven...
XXXXX, so far you have run a great race. but the race is not over! It means very little to start a race in first place, and then not complete it. If your wife uses her freewill to "eat the apple", regardless of what you say to her, you must stay true to Our Father first. If she leaves you, then you are free of your vows. But till she does, you are to stay with her. But make sure you have done everything within your power, to help her. You may be the ONLY side of Our Father she ever sees. I will send you a story later, about a bus driver, a preacher and a quarter.
I hope this message helps you XXXXX, as I have prayed for help in writing it. Feel free to reply anytime to me at this address: Pastor@SalvationFirst.Org 
In Service to Our Heavenly Father,
and Our Savior Jesus Christ.
Pastor Mark to many,
Brother Mark to all  

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