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Below you will find links to different problems that we all face during a lifetime of
marriage. I have read some, and find them very insightful. In today's stressful times.
This could very well be one of the most important pages on SalvationFirst.The  links
will bring you to another web site.  (Crosswalk) There is advertising on this site, and
they are NOT affiliated with us in any way. However, the articles are all well worth the
read... Especially if you are going through a problem in your marriage.  ~Pastor Mark
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    "I Believe in You!" The Power of Encouragement in Marriage 

    The Significance of Sexual Intimacy 
    Ask Dr. David: Healing from Adultery 
    Christmas Gifts that Can Strengthen Your Marriage 
    Room for One More? Surrendering Your Family Size to God 
    Ask Dr. David: Douse Marital Conflict Before It Ignites 
    Dealing with Guilt, Shame, and Social Stigma of Divorce 
    The Emotional Affair: When Friendship Goes Too Far 
    Ask Dr. David: Throw Away the Marital Façade 
    Five Biblical Purposes for your Marriage 
    Moving from Abandonment to New Beginnings 
    The Husband's Sanctifying Role in Marriage, Part II 
    Learn to Fight Right in Your Marriage 
    God Can Resurrect Your Marriage from the Ashes 
    The Husband's Sanctifying Role in Marriage, Part I 
    Marriage Vows: Silly or Sacred? 
    The Right Balance: Being a Career Man and a Family Man 
    Is Your Home a Danger Zone for Your Marriage? 
    Holiness in Marriage: A Very Practical Thing 
    Marriage...What's in it for Me? 
    Ask Dr. David: Eliminating Marital Power Struggles 
    Getting Rid of the Green-Eyed Monster in Your Marriage 
    The Death of Marriage? 
    Just How Different are Men and Women? 
    Married U.S. Households Hit Lowest Level Ever 
    The Language of Romance 
    Ask Dr. David: Married to a Faltering Church Leader 
    Four Steps to a Lifetime of Love 
    Women's Dreams...Then and Now 
    Ask Dr. David: What Does True Forgiveness Entail? 
    Money Matters in Marriage -- Sometimes Too Much 
    Wives: Prioritize Playfulness in Your Marriage 
    Ask Dr. David: Distressed Couples, Take the 30-Day Challenge 
    Style Over Substance in Marriage
    Marriage Increases Wealth, Divorce Paves the Road to Poverty 
    Ask Dr. David: True Love Requires Tough Love
    Is Your Love for Your Spouse Conditional?
    Break the Generational Cycle of Divorce
    Ask Dr. David: When Only One Spouse Owns the Problem 
    The Importance of Knowing What a Good Marriage Looks Like 
    A Husband's Honest Reflections on Feminine Beauty
    Ask Dr. David: Persistent Insecurities Overwhelm Marriage
    Forge Emotional Intimacy in Your "Nice Guy" Marriage
    Belonging to the Beloved: The Gift of Self in Married Love
    Ask Dr. David: Overcoming Guilt from Past Infidelity
    The "Nice Guy" Marriage: Living in Fear Instead of Bold Love
    Building Mutual Commitment and Security in Your Marriage
    Ask Dr. David: Hurting from a Pastor's Advice on Divorce
    When Married Life Tests Your Patience
    How the Flame Fades - Part Two
    Saving Your Marriage: Are You Willing to Pay the Price?
    Marriage Perspectives: Pursuing God as a Couple
    How the Flame Fades - Part One
    Ask Dr. David: When One Spouse Abandons the Faith
    Marriage and the Virtue of Loyalty
    Gender Roles in Marriage: What it Means to Lead and Follow
    Should I Pursue My Calling Without My Spouse's Support?
    Being God's Instrument in Your Marriage
    Becoming a Godly Wife: Invite Chivalry into Your Marriage
    Ask Dr. David: Confronting Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
    Staying Together After an Affair
    Growing Towards Spiritual Intimacy in Your Marriage
    Stepfamily Woes: Conflict between Your Spouse and Your Kids
    Time Management in Marriage: A Common Source of Friction
    Roadblocks to Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage
    How Can I Help My Depressed Spouse?
    Godly Love in Marriage
    10 Ways to Recover and Reconnect With Your Spouse
    You're Not Wrong, Just Different
    God's Three Purposes for Marriage
    Love Was Never Meant to Be Generic
    What Should Engaged Couples do to Prepare for Marriage?
    God Wants You to Be Best Friends with Your Spouse
    Take the Gospel to the World through Your Marriage
    A Grace-Filled Marriage
    Forgiving the Unforgivable: Adultery
    Traditional Marriage: God's Plan for Creation
    Battling the Temptation of the Eyes
    Understanding Your Spouse's Past
    Father's Day: Why The Man in Your Life Matters
    Does God Want Us to Stay in Unhappy Marriages?
    Frailty and Dependency -- Paths to True Love?
    Children Change Everything - Especially Your Marriage
    The Angry Marriage
    Find Hope When You're Separated
    Four Steps to Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity
    Marriage and the Body Beautiful
    Becoming a Godly Wife: Cultivate a Life of Prayer
    A Christian Vision of Marriage and Family
    Uncontrolled Anger isn't Just a "Man's Struggle"
    Don't Run from the Storms In Your Marriage
    God's Plan for Romance Looks Different from the Movies
    Your Role as a Spouse: The Right Foundation
    Mirror, Mirror: Reflecting Your Spouse's Worth
    Divorce: A Necessary Evil?
    The Other Spouse: Coping as the Wife of an Addict
    Grow from Blushing Bride to Wise Wife
    Adult or Tall Child? How Your Past Influences Your Marriage
    The Powerful Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Your Marriage
    Becoming a Godly Wife: Master the Monster of Jealousy
    Combating the False Promises of Pornography
    Are Marital Separations Biblical?
    How Can You Revive the Romance in Your Marriage?
    How to Negotiate Wisely to Maintain Marital Harmony
    Six Reasons Marriages Fail and How to Rise Above Them
    When Marriage isn't God's Will
    "I Can Do it Better": When Competition Creeps into Marriage
    Emotional Infidelity: End Those Questionable Friendships
    Old-Fashioned Marriage Commitments Offer True Fulfillment
    Discard the Communication Games in Your Marriage
    Can a Separation be Healthy for a Struggling Marriage?
    Successfully Answering God's Call to "Leave and Cleave"
    God's Design for Marital Intimacy
    Bridging the Chasm: Overcoming Distance in Your Marriage
    Hurting Couples: Rebuild the Marriage Cathedral
    Living Ephesians 5: Wives, Respect Your Husbands
    What to Do When One Spouse Wants Out
    The Scandal of "Unilateral Divorce"
    Submitting Your Married Life to the Lord's Timetable
    Letting Go of the Grudges We Hold in Marriage
    Four Elements of a Grace-Based Marriage
    Is Monogamy on Life Support? 
    When a Spouse Leads the Double Life of Addiction 
    Let's Talk: Communication Differences between Men and Women 
    Successful Marriages Take Time 
    Marital Mistake: Igniting Fires with an Untamed Tongue 
    Marriage and Faith: They Really Do Go Together 
    How a Wife Can Reach Her Husband's Heart 
    Dealing with a Spouse Who is Emotionally Distant, Abusive 
    The "Good Divorce" and other Oxymorons 
    Compromise, Humor are Vital Ingredients for Loving Marriages 
    Does Looking at the Opposite Sex Undermine Your Marriage? 
    The Gift of True Love 
    What Makes Your Spouse Feel Loved? 
    Paper Fences: The Boundaries We Fail to Set in Marriage 
    Motivating Your Unbelieving Spouse to Godly Changes 
    Giving Your Wife the Romance She Needs 
    Unity in Marriage is Key to Successfully Blending Families 
    Can a Second Marriage Last? 
    The In's and Out's of Life with In-laws 
    Guarding Your Heart in Marriage 
    Mentoring: The Answer to Skyrocketing Divorce Rates? 
    Depend on God, Not Your Spouse, for True Fulfillment 
    Has the Spark Faded from Your Marriage? 
    Opposites Attract -- and Drive Each Other Nuts! 
    Longing for Children: Facing Infertility in Marriage 
    When Pornography is Ruining Your Marriage
    Look to the New Year with Hope for Your Future
    How to Avoid the Post-Honeymoon Slump
    What Does it Take to be a Godly Husband?
    A Creative Solution to Marital Misunderstandings
    Are You Playing God in Your Marriage?
    Praying Together Means Staying Together through Tough Times
    Fearing the Lord & His Blessing on Marriages and Families
    Healing After the Hurt of an Affair
    Newlyweds: Prevent Holiday Stress with Compromise
    Honor: The Fuel that Runs a Healthy Marriage
    Are You 'Speaking Greek' in Your Marriage?
    Give Your Spouse the Gift of Grace this Season
    Staying Connected as a Couple
    When Your Spouse Isn't on the Same Level Spiritually
    Divorce through a Child's Eyes: Between Two Worlds
    Recognizing and Responding Properly to Trials
    Sacrifice: The Key to True Marital Unity
    Increase the Affection in Your Marriage
    Ways to Pray as a Couple
    Dealing with a Double Standard in Marriage
    God's Forgiveness: A Model of Grace in Marriage
    How to Live with Your In-Laws and Still Love Them
    Guard Your Marriage with Affair-Proof Hedges
    Husbands Read Newspapers, Not Minds
    Fall in Love with Your Spouse Again
    The Perfect Vision of Marriage
    Plan Special Dates to Meet Your Spouse's Love Needs
    Distant Elephants: The Issues We Avoid in Marriage
    Helping Your Husband Grow Spiritually
    Husbands, Win Your Wives' Hearts
    The Power of Forgiveness in Marriage
    Clearing Up Static in Your Marital Communication
    Covenant Marriage: Dream or Reality?
    Create True Intimacy in Your Marriage
    A Critical Mistake Most Couples Make
    The Mystery of Marriage
    Friendship in Marriage: Step into Your Spouse's World
    When Fairy Tales Lie
    The Sin Behind Marital Dissatisfaction
    Married Couples: Live Like You Were Dating
    Is Your Past Weighing Your Marriage Down?
    The Importance of Marriage to a Free Society
    Keep Your Marriage Alive While Caring for a Newborn
    Can 'Irreconcilable Differences' be Reconciled?
    Cultivate an Enduring Love in Marriage
    God Save The Queen
    Safeguard Against Workplace Infidelity
    Prayer: The Secret to a Lasting Marriage
    Plant Protective Hedges Around Your Marriage
    Real Intimacy in Marriage
    Three Attitudes Needed in a Successful Marriage
    What Husbands Want Most From Their Wives
    Tuning Up Tired Marriages
    Is Your Marriage Malnourished?
    Divorce and Remarriage – What Does God Say?
    Another Manic Monday: Married Life in the Day-to-Day
    With An Emphasis On "Better"
    The Hag, The Ogre, and The Chocolate Cake Part 2
    Romance, Adultery & the American Church
    Unless the Lord Builds the House
    The Hag, The Ogre, and The Chocolate Cake Part 1
    How to Make Your Marriage Thrive for a Lifetime
    When the Honeymoon is Over: Nurturing Your Marriage
    Become a Husband Who Seeks God's Heart
    Grieving as a Couple
    Banding Together to Bring Down Divorce Rates
    Is This Worth Complaining About?
    Build a Firm Foundation for a Lasting Marriage
    The Truth About Living Together Before Marriage
    Marital Communication: Demystifying "Wife-Speak"
    Home Sweet Home: The Center for Christian Ministry
    What's Behind Successful Marriages?
    How to Share Hearts Instead of Exchanging Words
    Become Your Spouse's Biggest Fan
    Discover New Life After Divorce
    For the Sake of the Kids: Leaving a Legacy of Love
    Are We Different or What?
    The Warning Signs of Infidelity
    Leave and Cleave: The Importance of Boundaries
    Rediscover Romance After Parenthood
    The Meaning of Sex in Marriage
    Beware the Power of the Spoken Word
    Pornography and the Integrity of Marriage
    Mentoring: The Opportunity to Change a Marriage
    Turn Newlywed Bliss into a Lasting Marriage
    How To Drive A Marriage On Empty
    U.S. Troop Deployment Patterns Put Families Under Stress
    Can You Love Your Husband and Brad Pitt Too?
    Walking the Tightrope of Marital Conflict
    Mastering the Fundamentals of Marriage
    The Honeymoon's Over - Now What?
    Claim God's Promises for Your Marriage
    Appreciation Goes A Long Way in Marriage
    How Can You Serve the Lord as a Married Couple?
    "Small Stuff" Can Ruin Our Families
    Author Encourages Brides to Invite God into the Details
    Brides: Hold Fast to Your Faith
    Fantasy vs. Reality in Marriage
    Overcoming Sexual Addiction
    Experiencing Intimacy...After Kids!
    Are You Prepared for Trials in Marriage?
    Developing Effective Communication in Marriage
    When Spouses Disagree on Financial Matters
    Hope for the Separated Man
    Wives, Respect Your Husbands
    Elliff Imparts Seven Pillars for Strong Marriages
    Place Your Marriage in the Hands of a Sovereign God
    The Blessings of Unity in Marriage
    Problematic Parenting Strains Marriages
    Find Healing and Hope after Divorce
    Three Steps to Increased Intimacy in Marriage
    Finding God as a Married Couple
    Castles Under Attack: Defend your Marriage
    Couples Who Pray Together
    Becoming Best Friends in Marriage
    Love the Life You Live: Harnessing Your Wild Side
    Plan the Perfect Birthday Celebration for Your Spouse
    No-Fault Divorce: The End of Marriage?
    Enjoy the Marriage of Your Dreams
    Five Creative Dates for Couples
    Going on the Offensive for Marriage & Family
    Giving Up My Ego For Lent
    Keep Your Marriage In Mint Condition
    The Wow! Side of Marriage: Make Intimacy a Priority
    The Glory of God in the Goodness of Marriage
    Your Marriage: A Target
    Spice Up Your Marriage
    Eight Character Traits for Success in Marriage
    Have You Lost that Lovin' Feelin'?
    Marriage As It Was Meant to Be
    Love Talk: Connect Through Healthy Communication
    Divorce: When the Odds Are Against You
    Make Romance in Your Marriage a Priority
    Speak Your Spouse's "Love Language" this Valentine's Day
    God's Marriage Makeover
    Children of Divorce Committed to Breaking the Chain
    The Wow! Side of Marriage, Part II
    Why Not Just Give Up On a Bad Marriage?
    Husbands: Take Initiative In Four Key Areas
    The Wow! Side of Marriage, Part I
    Can a Christian Marriage Survive an Affair?
    Romance Your Wife to Spice Up Your Marriage
    Marriage: God's Way is Always the Best Way
    The Best is Yet to Come in Your Marriage!
    Money Matters in Marriage
    Keep the Respect Alive in Your Marriage
    "He's Just Not That Into You" -- Postmodern Secular Romance
    Pilot Buoyed by Wife's Cards & Prayers During Deployment
    Avoid the 'Greener Grass' Syndrome: Water Your Own Marriage
    Take Your Marriage Off Life-Support
    The Bracelet Promise: A Christmas Miracle
    Celebrating Holidays Successfully
    Navigate Marital Conflict Successfully
    Becoming a Disciplined Man
    Gifts that Touch Your Spouse's Heart
    Holiness in Marriage: A Very Practical Thing 
    Do You Want to Grow Old Together?  
    Becoming a Woman Who Reflects Godly Character 
    Four Great Ways to Love Your Wife 
    Help Your Husband Heal from Depression
    Marriage: The Good News and the Bad News
    Arkansas Governor and Wife to 'Covenant' Their Marriage 
    Two Feet Behind
    Has the Flu Bug Bitten Your Marriage Yet?
    The Stages of Love
    Mothers and Their Daughters-In-Law Can Get Along
    Kicking the Tires: Cohabitation vs. Commitment
    Six Misconceptions About Marital Counseling
    A Soldier's Dream Homecoming
    The Fear Factor in Marriage, Part II
    It Can Happen In Your Marriage
    Date Your Mate
    Wives: Pray for Your Marriage
    The Fear Factor in Marriage, Part I
    Have You and Your Spouse Drifted Apart?
    Renew Your Empty Nest Marriage
    A Question Worth Asking
    Warning: Real Marriage Ahead
    Lessons of Love from the Sandhill Crane
    Leave and Cleave: Reflections of a Military Wife
    Needed: A Marriage License Warning Label
    The Parable of the Coffee Filter
    Relationship Natural Disasters
    Financial Planning In Divorce: A Biblical Perspective
    Twenty-five Inexpensive Ideas for Great Dates
    "Debtly Sins" Undermine Marriage
    'Before We Met': Dealing With A Spouse's Imperfect Past
    Seven Words That Can Build a Marriage
    Reflect On Your Wedding Vows
    Heal from Abuse
    New Reality TV Show Promotes Virtues of Traditional Marriage
    Should You Get Engaged?
    The Cross & the Pen: The Twenty-third Psalm for Caregivers
    Looking Back at 'The Mystery of Marriage'
    Dating Your Spouse: How to Set the Mood
    Making Those Early Marriage Adjustments
    The Power of Being a Woman: Going Over His Head
    Church Invests in Newlyweds with 'Marriage Scholarships'
    Let Your Marriage Draw You Closer to God
    Overcoming Sexual Addiction in Marriage
    Survive Your Divorce
    Grieving as a Couple
    Four Steps for Overcoming Trials in Your Marriage
    Building Better Husbands: "The Marrying Kind"
    Spiritual Intimacy In Marriage
    Move from Romance to Lasting Love 
    Marriage Warfare 
    Should You Get Engaged? 
    Waltzing Happily Ever After 
    Study: Traditional Families Set Stage for Strong Marriages
    Become a Positive Wife
    The Future of Marriage: Is it Becoming Extinct?
    Real Romance: What Marriage Should Be
    What's at Stake in Marriage Debate
    Friendship in Marriage: Step into Your Spouse's World
    The Key to a Life-long Marriage
    Literal Leaps Build Bonds During Marriage Impact Weekend
    Leave and Cleave: The Importance of Boundaries
    Maximize the Most Important Year in Your Marriage, Part II
    Maximize the Most Important Year in Your Marriage, Part I
    Critical Differences: Marriage, Gender, and Role Models
    How to Keep Your Marriage Strong
    Behind Every Successful Woman...
    Are We Different or What?
    Focus on Meaning to Become a Better Lover
    Husbands, Love Your Wives
    Man of Steel
    Same-Sex Marriage: Talking Points That Can Break the Silence
    Who is Marriage For?
    Enjoy Unconditional Love in Your Marriage
    The Unbelieving Spouse
    There's More to Mother's Day Than Flowers 
    Ready, Set, Grow! 
    "Going Bridal" - Part One 
    Becoming a Godly Husband, Part II 
    Build a Strong Emotional Connection with Your Spouse 
    Marriage: A Peek Into the Crystal Ball
    Marriage and the Three Languages
    Coping with Infertility: The Praying Husband's Power
    Prepare Well for Marriage After Age 35 
    Give Her Your Shoulder, Not Your Mouth 
    Home Sweet Home: The Center for Christian Ministry
    Praying for Your Husband's Day
    Trickle-Down Parenting: Your Marriage and Your Toddler
    People -- We Can't Control Them 
    Praying the Lord's Prayer for Your Marriage - Part II 
    Praying the Lord's Prayer for Your Marriage - Part I 
    Joy in the Midst of Grief 
    Mother, May I...Plan My Wedding? 
    The Importance of the "Name Game" in Marriage 
    God's Forgiveness: A Model of Grace in Marriage
    Dare To Be A Politically Incorrect Wife 
    Reformation of Christian Manhood is Key to Healthy Churches 
    When's the Honeymoon?  
    Hi-Tech Filter Reflects High View of Family 
    The End of Marriage in Scandinavia: Is America Next?
    Don't Let Pressure Tear Your Marriage Apart
    The Art of Marital Communication
    Caught in the Middle
    Use Your Dates to Prepare for Marriage
    Friendly Persuasion in Marriage
    Psychotherapist's Practice taps "Five Love Languages"
    A Marriage on the Run: A True Story!
    The Perfect Marriage? 
    New Outreach for Marriages in Crisis 
    Voters Want a Say in Protecting Traditional Marriage 
    Find Peace and Confidence Despite a Difficult Marriage 
    Husbands: You Have Been Called to Die!
    Recognizing and Responding Properly to Trials 
    The In's and Out's of Life with In-laws 
    Marriage Digest: Civil Unions Loom As Key Presidential Issue 
    Why Do You Do That? And What's with Him or Her? 
    A Relationship Requires More Than Just Love 
    Follow the 10 Commandments of Marriage 
    Returning the Romance to Your Marriage 
    Win at Conflict without Losing at Love
    A Wisdom Poem on Marriage and Morals
    Marriage and Money
    The Cross & the Pen: Is There Sex After Kids?
    Moving Forward When Going Home
    Understand Your Husband
    A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath
    Embrace the Differences in Marriage
    Embrace the Differences in Marriage
    Understand Your Wife
    Questions and Insights about Blended Families
    Becoming Best Friends in Marriage
    Parents: Revive Your Romantic Relationship with Each Other
    The Five Priorities of a Godly Husband - Part II
    The Five Priorities of a Godly Husband - Part I
    Is There One Perfect Person For You?
    A Fresh Love Day After Day
    The Cross & the Pen: Still Holding Hands
    Supporting Each Other During Infertility in Marriage
    Pro-Family Leaders Speak, Marriage Protection Week Begins
    What Aren't You Telling Your Spouse?
    The Federal Marriage Amendment: Now is the Time for Action
    Communication in Marriage Part III: Thinking and Timing
    Whose Definition of Marriage: God's or Man's?
    Hollywood and Choosing Your Mate - Part I
    The Secret to Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity
    Communication in Marriage Part II: Healing Words
    The Cross & the Pen: 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention
    Find Peace and Confidence Despite a Difficult Marriage
    Communication in Marriage Part I - Hurtful Words
    Being a Lumberjack in Marriage
    A House Divided Can Still Raise Healthy Children
    The Tongue: Life or Death in Our Marriage?
    24 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage
    Comparison or Contentment? Find Joy in Your Marriage
    Men: Beware of Temptation
    Handling the Losses of Life - Part I
    Marriage: It's Not Dating Anymore
    Be Completely Honest with Your Spouse
    Parenting After Divorce
    When Your Husband Loses His Job
    Destroyed Marriages: Not on Our Watch!
    Think Before You Live Together
    Finding the Power for Love, Joy and Peace in Your Marriage
    How to Be a Good Friend
    Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity
    A 3-Step Marital Reality Check
    Time for a New Beginning
    A Biblical Perspective on Marriage
    Baggage From The Past - Part 5
    How do we Maintain the Passion of our Relationship?
    I Believe In You!
    Baggage From The Past - Part 4
    Forgiveness ... Tearing Up the Record of Wrongs
    God's Marital Lifeline
    How to Resolve an Argument with Your Mate Every Time
    Baggage From The Past - Part 3
    Before Looking for a Partner, Look Within Yourself
    Baggage From The Past - Part 2
    Resurrecting Your Marriage
    Becoming a Servant Leader
    Baggage From The Past - Part 1
    Five Keys for Resolving Marital Conflict
    Think Before You Propose
    Marriage in a Paint Can
    When You've Messed Up, He Makes You New
    "Going Bridal" - Part One
    Resolve Issues Before You Remarry
    An Old-Fashioned Romance - Part I
    Single Parents ... Are You Ready to Begin Dating?
    24 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage
    Marriage -- Preparing for Storms
    Reclaiming the Higher Ground on Marriage
    God's View of the Marriage Partnership
    Perfect Wife Wannabes Can Relax
    The Importance of Forgiveness in Love
    If Your Parents Got Divorced
    Why Pre-Marital Sex is So Damaging
    Be Completely Honest with Your Spouse
    Heal the Wounds of Marriage Breakups
    Couples Who Pray Together
    The Art of Marital Communication
    Adultery: Where It Begins
    Grate Expectations of Reality
    How to Make Wise Decisions ... And Stay in Harmony!
    I've Had an Affair ... What Next?
    Wedding Planning 101
    Winning Back Your Husband - Part One
    Making Your Wife Feel Important
    Heal the Wounds of Marriage Breakups 
    What Similarities Between Two People Are Absolutely Crucial? 
    Divorce Ceremonies
    Sex and the Bible: Part 1
    "Real Love in the Real World" for Every Couple
    Three Biblical Insights for Sex within Marriage
    Anniversaries: A Time to Focus on the Marriage Relationship
    Banish the Honeymoon?
    9 Golf Fundamentals That Can Improve Your Marriage
    How Do You Leave and Cleave?
    Starting Over Again
    The Reality of Marriage Is Better Than the Myth
    Divorce and Child Adjustment: Good Co-Parenting Is Vital
    Choose to Have a Good Marriage
    Understanding Personalities Will Help Your Marriage
    Why Pre-Marital Sex is So Damaging
    A Husband's Personal Checklist
    Becoming One: Foundations for a Passionate Marriage
    What Does God Say about Looking for Love?
    How to Love . . . Extravagantly!
    I Still Do...and Always Will
    Myths of Marriage: Marriage in a Paint Can (Part 2)
    Making Your Wife Feel Important
    Cautions to Take Before Remarriage
    Wife Vs. Career
    The Secret to Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity
    What Does God Say about Love, Romance and Marriage?
    Marriage in a Paint Can
    Coping with Divorce
    Cohabitation: Trial Marriage or Lack of Commitment?
    Husband Unemployed, Marriage Suffering
    Divorce and Child Adjustment: Good Co-Parenting Is Vital
    Making Those Early Marriage Adjustments
    The Power of a Praying Husband
    Distress of Divorce Shows in Many Ways
    The Trouble with the 50/50 Plan
    Pray for Your Husband
    Parenting After Divorce
    Creating a Marriage You Love to Come Home To
    The Financial Dilemma of Divorce
    Languages of Love
    Kids Need to Know About Your Divorce
    Making Your Wife Feel Important
    Is Your Spouse Your Best Friend?
    Why Christians Divorce
    How to Love . . . Extravagantly!
    Disconnected by Divorce
    Marriage 101
    A Marriage Delivered from the Dumpster
    Cautions to Take Before Remarriage
    Building Relationships That Bond
    Building Relationships That Bond
    Distress of Divorce Shows in Many Ways
    Life's Second Most Important Decision
    Twenty-Five Great Expectations for Your Marriage
    Becoming One: Foundations for a Passionate Marriage
    What Does the Bible Say About Sex Before Marriage?
    The Covenant of Marriage
    His Needs, Her Needs, Our Needs
    LUV Talk - A Communication Tool That Can Eliminate Divorce (Part 1)
    What Does God Say about Looking for Love? 
    Husband Unemployed, Marriage Suffering 
    Fatal Distraction, Part 1
    Sex During Engagement? 
    Discovering Your Mate's Built-In Marriage Manual
    Divorce and Child Adjustment: Good Co-Parenting Is Vital
    Cohabitation: Trial Marriage or Lack of Commitment?
    The Power of Marriage
    God Is Able to Heal the Pain of Divorce
    How to Have Integrity in Relationships
    Marriage in a Paint Can
    As the Years Go By
    Fighting Back from Divorce
    Coping with Divorce
    Why You Need Romance
    Making Those Early Marriage Adjustments
    Starting Over Again
    The Forgotten Spouse
    When two become one
    Marriage in a Paint Can

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