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Below are some services that are NOT free, but worth the effort to check out. They are either a service that I have been asked about, or a service that I have checked out for value and quality. Although I can recommend them as a friend talks to a friend, I have no vested interest in them, and assume no liability on their behalf. They have NOT paid for an endorsment, as this Ministry does not sell it's opinion. That being said:

Melanie Smith Internet / web site products. Melanie, a broker for Cognigen,  was the broker for this web site, and  assists on Internet and Communication needs. More information on her services can be obtained at: http://kentuckysmith.info/  or email her at:  melanie@kentuckysmith.info  She is also a fellow member of SalvationFirst Ministries. Remember to hit the "back button" to return to this site.

Moving to Ohio? Learn a little about your builders first. Below is a head start on finding a Home Builder. After talking to these brothers, you will see why their services were recommended by SalvationFirst. It is great to live in a home that is blessed from the start!

Henry DiYanni is a member of Vineyard Community Church. As a Christian brother, he is very devoted to everyone in the community. His Christian character resonates through his business practices. (DiYanni Homes)
DiYanni Homes is a fifth-generation, family-owned business that builds custom and semi-custom homes in the Central Ohio area. They take pride in being a customer focused organization that is driven to provide the highest quality home at the best possible price . .
With DiYanni Homes, you get all of the buying advantages of a big production builder with the service you would expect from a small company where you know everyone's name.

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