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After we have prayed to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, you might also want to  finish by letting your voice be heard in Government, and to REALLY be heard by government, let us start in Washington D.C.

 Click here: Welcome to the White House or http://www.whitehouse.gov/ 

 Additional contact information:

The White House
President of The United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC  20500
Primary Phone: 202-456-1414
Secondary Phone: 202-456-1111
Fax: 202-456-2461
The President, White House
*SalvationFirst Ministry also has a Washington  D.C phone number. (202) 239-7219
The Link below is a great way to ask, ARE YOU READY! Make sure you have your Volume turned up... to get the real impact of the answer Click here: YouTube - Are you ready?  or
In Touch In Touch Ministries, with Dr. Charles Stanley. Regardless of denomination, you have got to know this man is blessed by Our Father! This site will bring his service to you VIA your computer.

The Cybersalt Community - Forum List - Cybersalt Sanctuary   So in the interest of expanding your knowledge of just how big the "Family of God is, please visit these sites as well

If you enjoy the messages from our site, then allow me to also introduce you to Pastor Tim's Web site known as   The Cybersalt Community  I do not consider any Christian site to be a competitive site, as we are all in the same Family. We are all proud to be serving and sharing the same Heavenly Father.

In fact, you will also see that I also post to his site on a message forum known as The Cybersalt Sanctuary. Here is a link to that page also:  


The following web site is is a private site. It is in Honor of my neice Sierra, who joined Our Father at a very young age. She was always a joy to be around, and could bring sunshine into a room by entering. When I think about how special she was, I can understand why God bought this Darlin' home so soon... He must have needed more sunshine   http://sierraryan.com/  Pleased be advised, There are pictures that are very touching to the heart, as you see a sweetheart yelling "I love you", turn frail... and whisper... Goodbye ...
(Currently this site is being added to, so you might get an "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" message.


Catholic Answers to the Catholic faith
The following is for the Brothers and sisters we have practice and show their love for Our Father and Our Savior as a Catholic. The page I chose to open on has the topic "Who Can Receive Communion?"
Click here: Who Can Receive Communion?  use the following as a copy and paste if for some reason the other does not work with your browser:

 Moving to Ohio? Learn a little about your builders first. Below is a head start on finding a Home Builder. After talking to these brothers, you will see why their services were recommended by SalvationFirst. It is great to live in a home that is blessed from the start!

Henry DiYanni is a member of Vineyard Community Church. As a Christian brother, he is very devoted to everyone in the community. His Christian character resonates through his business practices. (DiYanni Homes)
DiYanni Homes is a fifth-generation, family-owned business that builds custom and semi-custom homes in the Central Ohio area. They take pride in being a customer focused organization that is driven to provide the highest quality home at the best possible price . .
With DiYanni Homes, you get all of the buying advantages of a big production builder with the service you would expect from a small company where you know everyone's name.
Are you Lonely?
There is a web site that is REALLY free to help those of you that are single, widowed, or divorced. The web site is www.DateHookUp.com
and it is a great site to make friends on. As with all date web sites, you should know that it is available to those that are not what they claim. However the services are there for you to meet people in YOUR area of the country. I have met many friends there that Love our Lord and Savior. They offer a BLOG section, as well as opinion forums. BTW~ my user name is "IcouldLOVEyou" (smile) So if you find yourself in need of a Christian Friend... Try it out!  

The Christian Counter
The Christian Counter