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My Family in Pictures page 2
"The Trunk of the Tree"


 Here is a picture of Maggie Holder, my Great-grand-Mother.She is the Mother of my father's mother...This is also where my middle name comes from.( Mark HOLDER Wilkinson Sr.)

This is Hirim Wilkinson and is part of the "Trunk" of the Wilkinson Tree (smile)

It was my generation that started "The Southern Branches of the Wilkinson Tree"

This is Charles and Elizibeth Wilkinson... my great-great grandparents...I also can see that DNA might be where I got my (__!__) from (smile) 

This fella looks like he was a bad dude, but was my Great Grand-father. His name was Robert Fenton Wilkinson. 

The wife of Robert Fenton Wilkinson My Great Grand Mother

This good lookin guy is my grand-father. His name is Charles Wilkinson Sr. (Named after HIS Grand Father)

The Wilkinsons came to the USA and settled in the New England States in the 1800s.

It was my generation that started "The Southern Branches of the Wilkinson Tree" in Fort Myers, Florida in the 1960's

This is a picture of me (on left) and my brother John "Buddy" Wilkinson. Buddy is still married to his wife Mona. They have been married forever...

My Brother owns and runs Advanced Home Medical, located on Fowler Street in Fort Myers Florida.

This is what John looks like today. This is a picture of him with his wife Mona. If you are ever in Fort Myers, Florida, stop off and say "hello" to them for me! ((smile))

They work together at Advanced Home Medical and Supplies, located on the West Side of Fowler Street, a few blocks North of Carrel Road.

Going ALL the way back... This is a  FOOT-PRINT to put into just a slight perspective, the size of Abba, My Heavenly Father.
Is there anyone big enough to fill His shoes? 



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