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Phone Book for the USA.


This site offers free phone number retrieval. I like it because you do not need to know the area code. Area codes change so much now, they are hard to keep up with. The site offers both Business and residential listings.  Cell, VOIP, and "unlisted numbers" are not on the site... 
  This  FREE service is provided through Qwest. http://www.dexonline.com/ 
 You may not have brushed up on the rules of the road since you were 16. GMAC invites you to see if you would pass a state driving test if you had to take it again today.

This link is GREAT for those of you that want to "clean up" the forwarded email you recieve. This downloadable program removes those pesky >> signs and the BLUE BORDER streak from these Emails, so you can send them to your friends in a "CLEAN & PRINTABLE" format. It is offered FREE from Papercut. http://www.papercut.biz/emailStripper.htm 

Speaking of cleaning up your Email... http://www.snopes.com/  Provides a service to us all in the HOAX department. I know you hate taking the time to read a story that is just a lie! We always try NOT to spread gossip, and deal with just FACTS. "Snopes" is a good way to stop it from going any further. Another great site to use is  http://hoaxbusters.ciac.org/ ... They are easier to use, (an index) and stay up to date.

My brother (Billy) tells me that you may "Google" a name, and it will tell you if a person is REALLY missing. I am registered with the "Amber Alert" service, as many of you already know. (I share these with you as they arrive.)

Do you like Sauerkraut?
The site has recipes for:( Appetizers & Beverages), (Soups,Salads, & Stews), (Main Dishes,), (Side Dishes & Breads) and (Desserts)

This is a web site that will translate text
from any language ...
to any language...

This will aid you in those international friendships we form on "The Web"


Home Page for: 
Weather / Radar /  Homeland Security
From The Emergency Email & Wireless Network
 Moving to Ohio? Learn a little about your builders first. Below is a head start on finding a Home Builder. After talking to these brothers, you will see why their services were recommended by SalvationFirst. It is great to live in a home that is blessed from the start!
Henry DiYanni is a member of Vineyard Community Church. As a Christian brother, he is very devoted to everyone in the community. His Christian character resonates through his business practices. (DiYanni Homes)
DiYanni Homes is a fifth-generation, family-owned business,  that builds custom and semi-custom homes in the Central Ohio area. They take pride in being a customer focused organization that is driven to provide the highest quality home at the best possible price . .
With DiYanni Homes, you get all of the buying advantages of a big production builder with the service you would expect from a small company where you know everyone's name.

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