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My Family in Pictures
Page One  (ten pictures to a page)

~My Mother~
This is the FIRST woman that ever really knew me, and loved me anyway. She was the Mother of one daughter and seven sons. She was the kind of mother many kids wished they had. In fact , many of our friends called our home theirs.
Currently she is "At Rest", along with my oldest brother Harry, awaiting the  return of Our Savior Jesus Christ





 This is also of my Mother, when she was a  teenager. BEFORE she joined the Military, My Mother's heart was bigger than the rock she is sitting along-side.


 This is my Mother, (on Right) when she joined "The Wac's" (The Womens Army Corp)




These three girls (Bottom to top are Gracie, Megan, and Hannah, with their brother Adam

This is Your Pastor at the age of 18. This is the picture from my 1973 Year Book from Fort Myers Sr. High School, located in Fort Myers Florida.

This is a  picture of Pamela (Grace's Mother)  taken during a Bahamma cruise in May of 2006. The drink is NON- Alcohol. This trip was shared by her friend Karen, (see picture below) and other women church members.

This is a picture of my OLDEST son... Jayson. He was thirty years old when this picture was taken. He is a good lookin'  fella, (Took after his Dad!) LOL

I have NEVER been ashamed to call "Jaybird" my son. He is a great big brother, and a "sweet guy" according to ONE of his girlfriends, (Brook).

This is a picture of Pamela and her long time friend Karen. They are as close as sisters could be. Karen lives in Orlando Florida.

This is a picture of Mark Jr. taken on the day of his graduation.   Mark Graduated from Nort Fort Myers High School on 16 May 2006 The ceramony took place at Lee Civic Center.

These two good looking guys are Dustyn and Teddy, two of my six sons. This was taken at the graduation of my other son, Mark Jr.
My sons names ( In Their Birth Order)
2.Teddy: and married to Angie
3. Bobby Joe
4. Mark Jr.
5. Dustyn
6. Adam
And my daughters (also in Their Birth Order)
7. Calla
8. Meagan
9. Hanna
10. Gracie
11. Hope


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