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Let me be the first to thank you for joining SalvationFirst Ministry. We hope you enjoy the many services we have to offer you and your family. It is our desire to have all members interact as a family. For truly we are blessed with a Heavenly Father, that loves us all as a family unit. As this Ministry grows, I hope that your faith in Our Savior and Our Father grows with it, for this is the #1 reason this site was created. We are NON-Denominational for a reason... The Word of God states "A house divided will fall". God did NOT make denominations, man did. Our FAITH is Christian. All members are Born again, with our sins washed away by the Blood of Jesus Christ, Our Messiah. 
Our Statement of Faith Please visit Our Statement of Faith, and decide if we are in line with YOUR Spiritual Growth that you can relate to. It is suggested that this, along with Your Spiritual Birth be among the first five pages you visit. 

SalvationFirst Ministries  was established as an On-Line Ministry for those unable to make a commitment to a home church. This includes Our Military, The Homebound, those that travel "on the road" (Truckers, Sales people, Etc.), and of course, those that just want to get "Fed the Word" a bit more often than once a week.  We DO encourage a Good Home Church for those that can attend.


Faith is:"When we come to the edge of the light and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, of this we can be sure . God will either provide something solid to stand on ...or we will be taught to fly."   ...Pastor Mark

SalvationFirst Ministries  is a Faith based, Christ-centered MinistryWe hope that you find these messages encouraging and uplifting.  Living in the Word IS possible in today's society, and it is our goal to bring the Word of God to you in a way that is both tangible and easy to comprehend.  God's Word is the same yesterday, today, and always.  It is our desire that you will learn how to apply scripture to daily living and let others see God shine through you.

It should also be noted that we do have pages that are "PASSWORD PROTECTED" They are used for the active members of SalvationFirst Ministry. To join, simply send an Email to: Pastor@SalvationFirst.Org 

and ask for free membership. Include a password, and if you would also be interested in being a SalvationFirst Prayer Warrior.   You will be sent your SalvationFirst Password to view ALL pages on this site, as well as the personal password you chose to post to "TOPIC PAGES"  

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Phone Number (USA):  614-517-2331 (Ohio)
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Pastor Mark Wilkinson
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