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These pages are here for Our Military. It was for the Military that SalvationFirst Ministry was first created, as it is with THEIR service, that our rights to worship openly are still available to us all here in the United States, and to many abroad.

Our Statement of Faith Please visit Our Statement of Faith, and decide if we are in line with YOUR Spiritual Growth that you can relate to. It is suggested that this, along with Your Spiritual Birth be among the first five pages you visit

.An On-Line Bible For your use in looking up scripture. This page also has many other Bible helps that will aid you in your search for The Truth.

Just for Our Military is a page that has information for the Active Military and Veteran. Many links are there to assist in Health Care for the Veteran, and , and how to send to those overseas.

Our Military Prayer is a page that we have posted "Our Prayer for Our Military"
Bless those that serve us  is a page for a service group honoring returning soldiers of Our Military. (Created by Ron Leonard)
"Taps" for Our Military is a page that explains the origin of "Taps" and why it means so much to Our Armed Forces
The Sack Lunch is a story that explains the Heart of the American Soldier. A great read for all.
America the Beautiful The following is a poem was written partly by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Judge Moore was recently sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments his courtroom. 
Your Spiritual Gifts Test ...A test to access Your Spiritual Gifts. (30 Minutes long)
A Military Christmas is a military inspired poem set to the rhythm of " 'Twas the Night before Christmas "