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Why Your Life Has Meaning
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Why your life has meaning

Your significance in this world should never be taken lightly. Nor should the reason we have a family. No other life form on Earth has a family that stays together quite like we do.We stay together for life. I am talking about our relationship with our Grandparents, Great grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers, and Sisters. We are the only life form that can share a worship relationship with Our Heavenly Father.
We received this formula for Family from the very beginning. Our  Heavenly Father made it a part of us. That is why He chose to include Adam and Eve in the Bible. Our Heavenly Father is the Father to All Mankind. He created life in All of us. Those that chose to recognize this fact, chose to stay with The Family. Our Creator is a very loving father. He teaches us by example What to be  and How to be.  By example we are taught How to Love and The Meaning of Love. These are important to remember this Friday. This is the day we all use to commemorate the Beginning of Our Plan of Salvation. Three days later The Son of God proved He was who He said he was. He came back! He said to tell others of His Love for us. There are those that will never believe this. As Christians, we keep trying to save everyone, But our Father tells us that we should not carry that worry on us. All will not be saved. I know that we all love to worship Jesus ,our Father, and are thankful for The Comforter that lives within us. This is to let us recognize our family we have here. As a member of The Holy Family, we must always try to help one another. It would be great to have this same love for our human family. Sad to say it is not always available. Because God gave us all free will, a greed was allowed to form within families, that festers like a scab on the hearts of our own brothers and sister, that are NOT our Brothers and Sisters in Faith.
We are to always remember where we came from, so we will know the direction to take to where we are going. We are NOT the ones known as "Lost"
John 1:12
 New International Version
 Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.


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