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The Map To Heaven
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The Map to Heaven

Last week I called my son (Bobby Joe) in Port Orange, Florida, and told him I would be in Florida soon. And I needed directions to his home. He asked me if I knew how to get to Daytona Beach. I told him "sure", so from that point of reference, he gave me the exact directions to his home. He told me of things to look out for, as I might get lost if I did not pay close attention. He said it was strange for him to be telling ME what to do... I told him I was not stupid, I had never been to his house before, so it only made sense to listen to his every word...
This might sound like an everyday event to you...so let me get to the point... I have never been to Heaven before either! Only Our Savior has ever been there, and came here to give us the directions to get there!

Too many people want to tell us how THEY think you get to Heaven... Unless they have a map to get there, I think I will listen to people that DO have "The Map"  Jesus states NONE get to Heaven, except through Him. He also tells us of the things to be careful of, so we do not become lost in our trip. Let The Holy Bible be your road map to Our Heavenly Home...


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