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The 23rd Psalms Explained
I hope this explains the 23rd Psalm in a way that makes it as special to you, as it is to me... Pastor Mark
The Lord is my Shepherd... God is my Protector
I shall not want... He cares for all of my needs. He is my Provider. He is my El Shaddaia. He provides for my personal needs in the same way a mother provides for the needs of an infant. He is my Jehovah Jirehas, as He provides for my Spiritual needs. He is my Abba Father. As He answers all my questions, and cares for me, the way only The Perfect Father can. He is my Almighty God... The Creator of all... My Heavenly Father.
He makes me lie down in green pastures... He wants me to Rest in His Peace and His Love. He wants me to be free of The Problems of This World. He wants only good for me. He wants my life to be free of "Weeds at the Harvest"
He leads me beside still waters... I am to maintain a calmness and not give into anger. I am to stay in control over all matters of my life, by giving control of my life to the Holy Spirit, that lives within me.
He restores my soul... He will answer ALL my prayers, and make The Holy Spirit stronger in me. When ever I feel weak, He will strengthen me through prayer and worship. Whenever I did feel weak, I have felt Him " restoring" me back to where I needed to be, to overcome any traps and snares Satan has set for me.
He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake... He guided me to my rebirth into The Holy Family and into Heaven. He keeps me as a Child of His. If I stay in His willI, I will not wander off the pathway to Heaven. He will lead, but I must follow.
Even though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for God Almighty is with me... No one can take me from The Hand of God! No one can cause me to die in the Spirit. I am protected by The Hand of God to always be safe. The Birth of The Spirit in me, is stronger than the birth of the flesh... Satan has lost all claim to me, because my Faith is strongly when rooted by The Seed of God. Abba Father will not allow a Child of His, to be pushed beyond our limits.
Your Rod and Staff, they bring comfort to me... God's discipline and protection is love and understanding, that brings peace and rest to my soul. I feel His Strength, and a calmness comes to me. I know His Anger is there to protect me, not destroy me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies... I will be fed for all to see. The wicked and evil will see everything Almighty God has provided for me. Abba Father will rescue me from those that seek to do harm to me. I will be tested... and all will see my strength comes from God Almighty. I have been fed The Word of God... And have been blessed.
You anoint my head with oil, my cup over flows... God has filled my head with blessings. I think of Him and I feel His presence. My joys overflow me, and I can not contain them! I jump for joy! I can not measure His love. He blesses my blessings! I feel my heart as it jumps out of my chest! Are my feet even on the ground? Blessed are those that know Abba Father as His child.
Surely goodness, love, and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life... As I walk with Our Heavenly Father, I will always feel His Nature and allow it to envelope me to be as He wants me to be. As The Spirit of God in me gets stronger, my flesh has less control over my mind. My "death" here, will be a change in latitude, not a change in attitude! My soul will just discard this flesh of man, for a body that is made for The Kingdom of Heaven.
And I will dwell in The House of The Lord Forever... When I enter through The Gates of Heaven, it will be the true beginning of what Almighty God and The Son of God had in mind, as His Creation from The Beginning! This will be our "Last Birth". We will be His Children forever! There will no longer be any evil around, as the need will no longer be there for Him to "test" us, to see if we are truly of God. Satan will have his children with him with no way to cross over to get to us. We will have ALL our "unanswered" questions answered to us. We will know everything we need to know about everything. There will no longer be hurt feelings, aches, pains, or suffering. We will see The Face of God! We will bask in His Glory! We will be "Blazing with Praising" AMEN AMEN

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