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~Prayer For The Military~

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to You tonight in request for a Hedge of Protection to be around our wartime soldiers. Father, they have placed themselves in harms way to protect the freedoms we all hold dear. Father, I pray You will always be with them, as they are placed in harms way for the good of humanity.
I ask that You be with the families of those serving, and place a reassuring calm into their hearts. I pray You will give the soldier a dignity to act in a professional manner, regardless of the situation they are placed.
Father I ask You to guide the World Leaders to push for peace, rather than the greed for power. I pray the lives of one, will mean as much as the lives for all, when the decisions are made to find common ground for world peace.
Father, I pray that all who read this prayer, will encourage others to come to You. And they also, will express their desires to You in Prayer. Father, I ask all this in the Name of Our Savior Jesus Christ...AMEN
In Service to Our Father
and Our Savior Jesus Christ.
Pastor Mark

With God's Helping Hands

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