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Heavenly Father,
I come to You today to give thanks to My Savior Jesus Christ. Abba Father, Your Son has done so many wonderful things for Mankind. He allowed Himself to be the only sacrifice capable to cover the sins of all of us. He set an example for all of us to base our lives on. His Blood cleansed my heart clean enough, for You to be able to write Your Laws on. He cleared the fog from my mind, so I could understand Your answer when I pray.

Thank you Jesus, for Staying by my side.
Thank you Jesus, for Caring about my soul.
Thank you Jesus, for providing me with all that I have.
Thank you Jesus, for Trusting me to share Your Word.
Thank you Jesus, for Allowing me to represent your Love
Thank you Jesus, for Remembering me, as I take communion.
Thank you Jesus, for Keeping me close to Our Heavenly Father.
Thank you Jesus, for loving me and making me a Child of God's.
Thank you Jesus, for Empowering my life with strength to sustain.
Thank you Jesus, for answering ALL my prayers made in Your Name
Thank you Jesus, for Making me justified in the eyes of Almighty God.

Mostly I thank you for being My Savior, and for Your part in my Creation as a Spirit,
and allowing for Spiritual Growth to overcome many of the temptations of the Flesh. 

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