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Marks Poems from the past
Love is Cruel
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 02/23/71
While I walked a lonely street,
I meet a love, I hoped to keep.
I had meet her before, in a dream I believe.
My love for her, was hard to conceive.
I think of her, on star studded nights.
I think of us dining, with candles for light.
She said she had to leave me, for a month or so.
I asked if she would forget me. and she replied "no"
Well she left for her trip, about a week ago.
She was going up North, to the ice , sleet, and snow.
I received a message today, but it was not from her.
You see, there was an accident,
who was at fault there not sure.
She was killed in the North, in the ice and the sleet.
Now when I walk, it's a lonelier  street 
The Older Breed
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 05/23/76
The people that I envy most,
are the people of the older breed.
They have been, where we are now,
yet their warnings we fail to head.
They know what life is all about,
if given a chance to tell.
But younger folks don't give a damn,
and tell them to "Go to Hell!"
But friend it's time to listen,
the time is growing near.
They enjoyed a good life,
while we, a life of fear.
I really want to grow old,
to deny this would be a lie.
For the choice is as plan as black and white,
you can either grow old and wise, or die! 
The World Made Me Cry
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 02/15/87
Why was I placed here on Earth,
by my God who shows us love?
Why have I felt so much hurt in life,
has God forgotten me from up above?
I know I do a lot of things,
that people judge as wrong.
If I could be as perfect as them,
then here is where I would belong.
But I know that I am not perfect, and I have my faults.
But my faults are a part of me.
So if you cannot love me with my faults,
why don't you just let me be?
Life is what you make it,
you can be humble or be grand.
But when I tried to do my shuffle through life,
I dealt my self the losing hand.
I do not expect to much from life,
I do not expect to be admired.
So if anyone should ask "What happened to Mark",
Tell them "I quit", "I got Tired".
I hope that when life is over,
and people say I didn't do the things I should.
I hope they do not judge me as being wrong,
just very misunderstood!
My Hurting Love
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 12/10/89
My life has been a story,
a story of a living Hell.
The people who hurt me most in life,
have names I'll never tell.
I have so much love to offer,
like a love you can never lose.
But I cannot make the choice for you.
for it depends on the road you choose.
You say now that you do not love me,
and you say that we must part.
So now you have your freedom,
and I , ... a broken heart.
They say you only live once,
I know this is not true.
For my love has died a tragic death,
because I lived for you.


My Lonely Love
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 12/12/89
Why must I live my life alone,
when I have so much love to give?
I have been hurt, so many times,
I can't bear the life I live.
I tell myself "I must never love",
for the hurt I cannot bear.
But  when I love, I love. And when I need, I need.
And when I care, I really care.
I am looking for a special kind of love,
a love I will never find.
I need a trusting, understanding love.
From someone that can comprehend my mind.
But where can I find a love like this?
A love that will never fail.
I know I read about a love like mine,
but it was in a fairy tale.
 Love Is a Word
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 06/15/91
Love is a word used nationwide,
without much thought of use.
We say it without meaning,
and practice this abuse.
But if there was a special word,
to describe your loving touch.
I don't think it should be I love you,
but I LIKE you VERY much. 
~Finding True Love~
By Mark H. Wilkinson Sr.
written January 05, 2007
There are many reasons why,
I will try not to fall in love again.
The pain I suffer from a broken heart,
is the biggest reason friend.
I tend to love to easily,
it is my nature so I'm told.
But a little wink and a pretty smile,
and I'm there for them to hold!
Sometimes  it's just a harmless flirt,
that captivates my heart.
My brain says 'keep your distance Mark",
but my mouth is on "Auto Start".
I really need a new "pick up" line,
besides "Will you marry me?"
All they want me for is the Honeymoon,
and a retirement plan you see.
I've known too many women,
that were proud to be my wife.
But only for a couple of years,
they don't want me all their life.
So I am like the Christmas pet,
that is forgotten about in the month of May.
Will I ever find a woman that sees my heart?
Please Father, this I pray.
Will I ever find true happiness,
or will loneliness be my fate.
I know one day I will be held by true love,
when I pass through Heavens Gate! 
The Poker Game
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 11/10/89
She was playing with my heart,
as if it was a deck of cards.
I gave her my heart, my life and love,
and she gave me her regards.
I thought she would deal me the Ace of Hearts,
instead I got the duce.
I tried to get to know her,
but I know there is little use.
I would like to be her King of Hearts,
but she plays me like the Joker.
I would like to give my hand in love,
but she prefers a hand of Poker.
So if your inclined to gamble,
and your love, you don't care about.
I know a woman made for you,
as for me, ... she can deal me out!
My Boys Made Me SpecialPlace Of Worship 

By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 03/19/99
My boys have always made me proud,
to be the one that they call "Dad".
I love them with all my heart,
and they gave me all the love they had.
They took the time to understand me,
and the time it took to care.
They say with their hearts, "We love you Dad"
with a respect that today, is rare.
It took my kids to show me how rich we were,
without a penny to our name.
Because we had each other,
we were wealthy just the same.
Please remember the mutual love we shared,
when I end my life on Earth.
I look forward to my "new life",
the way I looked forward to your birth.
I fear I will fail my children,
although I am doing the best I can.
I tried to be both their Mom and Dad,
while teaching them to "be a man".
Know that you boys have made my time on Earth,
better than I could have planned.
And know that sharing my life with you both,
have made me a very wealthy man.
(This poem was written for Mark and Dustyn, my boys that stood by my side during a most difficult t ime in my life...my time as a single father)
Below are poems I wrote, that are more FAITH BASED than the ones I have written above... ALL these poems have covered a period in my life that either bought me much happiness, or a broken heart. In summary, they are an image of my life, spoken from the heart, and recorded for all to share in. 
Place Of Worship A Member of The Family
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 01/16/93
I am a member of a family,
that is special in every way.
Our Father gives us knowledge,
every time we pray.
For supper we have the BIBLE,
it gives us strength to live our life.
The church is our home away from home,
she also is our wife.
Our lives are very simple,
we never hunger nor do we thirst.
For we have learned to beat this world,
by keeping Jesus First!
~Our Heavenly Father~
By Mark H. Wilkinson, Sr.
written January 15, 2007 
Heavenly Father,
Many times we talked at night,
we spoke just You and me.
I know they were all made possible,
When You put Your Son upon a tree.
He bore the sins of mankind,
From then till His return.
But some will still "eat the apple",
because some will never learn.
I have learned so many things,
and I really love our walks.
I love the way you listen,
And I love to hear You talk.
I feel Your arms around me,
I feel the protection that they have.
You bring wisdom to this child of Yours,
as You keep me on the path.
Thank You Father for protecting me,
You know all the places I have been.
Keep Your hedge of protection around me God,
In the name of my Savior Jesus Christ, AMEN 
Place Of Worship My Brother
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 01/16/93
I have a brother who loves me,
His love is plan to see.
I speak to Him most every night,
His call, like His love, is free.
He tries to guide my life for me,
when I need Him he is always near.
He has taught me how to live my life,
and not to live in fear.
When my brother comes into a room,
He can not be ignored.
For He is known to many,
as Jesus Christ Our Lord.
Place Of Worship Your Understanding Heart
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 01/16/93


Often people say to me "You just don't understand."
"You're way too old," or "Way too young," or "You are not yet a man."

I don't know why some people feel, they suffer unique pain.
As if they are the only ones, who've lost or ceased to gain.
I don't know why they hide their pain, and clutch it ever tighter.
It seems to me, that all should know - a burden shared gets lighter.

Why some folks even dare to think, the pain that's in their heart.
Is all their own, to keep and hoard, they set themselves apart.
They keep their eyes from meeting mine, afraid I might see their hurt.
And even if we stop and speak, their words are often curt.

The Bible says: "Two can withstand what overcomes just 'one."
And also that - a "Cord of Three" can scarcely be undone.
Besides, I know the ways of pain, as my heart's been crushed before.
Friends have betrayed and I've lost at love, and depression knocked at my door.

And I Remember having thoughts gone wild,  and crying late at night.
Not having strength to care at all, much less the strength to fight.
But someone special came to me, and when my trials were told.
I realized that with my tears - God eased my heavy load.

And so, I learned that pain like Love,  is bearable if shared.
I don't know what I would have done without Our God who cared.

My trials did not vanish fast, in fact the time was long.
But sharing gave me breathing space, until I could grow strong
Enough to laugh again and even start to smile.
And though it seemed it could not help - It eased my pain awhile.

So, if you think that you can't share, cause I won't understand.
At least just give me half a chance to lend a helping hand.
For I know that you're hurting and I know a place to start.
Perhaps if you could realize, your pain burns in my heart.

I know I cannot make your trials and troubles go away.
But maybe I can help a bit to get you through today.
And maybe by tomorrow you won't need help anymore.
But if you should - Don't be ashamed - for that's what friends are for.

And after all is said and done, the trials ceased, and you're whole.
Perhaps you'll know just what to do, to help another soul.
Being crushed by hurt and pain, if a woman or a man.
You won't have to hear them say, "You just don't understand."





Written by Pastor Mark H. Wilkinson Sr.
On November 25th, 2011


Thank You LORD

Thank You LORD for protecting me
From nine months prior to my birth.
Thank You, LORD for everything
You have blessed me with on Earth.

Thank You for allowing me to see,
What True Love is all about.
And being there to comfort me
When I was worried and in doubt

Thank You for the pain I felt,
That made me stronger than before.
Than You for Your "Protecting Arms"
That made me love You so much more.

Thank You for the sunshine,
That mixes with the rain.
That rewards me with a "A Bow of Hope"
If I remember to abstain.

Thank You for Your many gifts,
That remind me You are near.
You have shown how much You love me,
And that You hold me dear.

Sometimes I cry Your Name out loud,
And times You whisper back
"If you give me, all you have,
I promise you will never lack"

But the things that I have given You,
My problems, hopes and fears.
You took them all and smiled,
And wiped away my tears

Father, I could never express in words,
How much I love You so.
I pray with tears of joy at night,
So I guess You already know.

I say this prayer to You tonight,
And ask You to protect Our Flock.
Thank You for sending Your Only Son,
To be Our Foundation made of Rock.


Place Of Worship Death
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 01/14/79
Death is leaving your environment,
with no way to ever return.
If it is anything more than that,
it is left up to us to learn.
But when I was born, I left a world,
I'll never see again.
So when I die, am I really dead,
or was I born again?
This question of comfort, we must ask ourselves,
when we long for our departed.
"If you were there, the day this person was born,
would you have smiled or been broken hearted?"
When I was born, my mother held me,
and she protected me from life's harms.
But I look forward to my "rebirth",
and being in Our Fathers arms!

Thank You Jesus

by Pastor Mark Wilkinson  7/19/08

I am returning to my Savior,
a few things He gave to me.
In return I give the love, truth and devotion to Our Father,
That has set my spirit free.

I am also giving Him my problems,
He said He would handle them.you see
He released me from the "Sins of the Flesh,"
On the day He became a part of me.

He gave me the power from the cross He carried,
to nail my sins upon.
He put a smile upon this face of mine,
that used to have a frown.

Yes, Jesus is my Savior,
as He is the Son of God.
So with joy I say I love Him,
and I want to make Him proud!



Place Of Worship The Night I Walked with God
By Mark Wilkinson Sr.
written on 04/10/87
The night I walked with God,
people would say it was a dream.
But when asked about life or reality,
they reply "It is not always as it seems"
People worship many things in life,
but there is only one God that I hold dear.
And as I marvel at His wondrous works.
I knew everything of His, was exactly as it appears.
I walked with God for many hours that night,
as He explained where my life went wrong.
He said I was forgetting about His Love,
and where my heart belonged.
He said I should have more faith,
and show more love and understanding to our fellow man.
That where I chose to worship Him,
was not part of His master plan.
He said that we are all His Children,
and of denomination, He had no part.
He said I would know His Family,
because He lived within their hearts.
I told Our God how much I loved Him,
and all the things He said, I would try.
Then I noticed the clock upon the wall,
and not "A twinkling of an eye" of time went by.
I try to share what I learned that night,
with a lot of wrong people so it seems.
When I share it with other pastors,
I hear "That's nice, But it must have been a dream!" 

  A REAL Friend

Written by Pastor Mark Wilkinson
12/01/2007 @ Jackson Pike

An older man turned and asked me,
"How many friends have you?"
"Why, ten or twenty friends I think,"
Then I named off just a few.

He smiled a knowing smile,
Then sadly shook his head.
"How lucky you must be
To have so many friends," he said.

"But think of what you're saying.
There's so much that you don't know!
A friend is more than someone
To whom you say "Hello"!"

"A friend's a tender shoulder
Where you can softly cry,
A well to pour your troubles down
And raise your spirits high.

A friend's a hand to pull you up
From loneliness and despair,
When all your other so-called "friends"
Have helped to put you there!

A true friend will support you
They can't be moved or bought,
A voice to keep your name alive
When others have forgot.

But most of all a friend's a heart,
A strong and sturdy wall,
For from the hearts of friends there comes
The greatest love of all!

So think of what I've spoken,
Because every word is true.
And answer once again, my child,
How many friends have you?"

And then he stood and faced me,
While waiting for my reply.
I smiled at him and answered,
"At least ONE friend have I!"

For the love that he had spoken of,
Would be there till the end.
And I remember a very special night,
That Jesus called me His friend

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