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Obedience verses Disobedience
Some may ask "If Jesus was the Son of God, why did God still want sacrifice if it was His Son paying the price for it?" "Why didn't He just accept something else?"
The reason is threefold.
1) God NEVER changes. In the beginning, He demanded a blood sacrifice for mans disobedience.
2) To overcome the disobedience of the flesh, He demanded a PERFECT obedience to rectify mans act. Only The Blood of Jesus Christ could be suitable for this atonement for us.
3) We MUST show our obedience to Our Savior to show we have changed from Disobedience, to Obedience.
We do this not by just accepting that Jesus was The Son of God, (Even Satan and his Demons know that) but by calling Him Our Lord and Savior also. We MUST be Baptized as our first proof of Obedience. We go under the water, symbolic of a "Grave of Water" Then we "Break Water", as a sign of our New Life (We are a New Creation) beginning. Just as a woman's water breaks, as a sign a new life is about to begin.
We walk around today complaining that  so and so has "disrespected" us. If we feel that way, when a fellow human has done such a deed, how would you feel if YOU were Almighty God, and were disrespected by a creation you created?
Many fail to remember we are all His Creation, but not all His Children! Until we accept God as Our God, and His Son as Our Savior, we belong to Satan. Jesus paid a dear price for our disobedience (sins). We say we have been redeemed... This means we have been purchased. We could never pay the price for showing disobedience to Almighty God. 
I will ask you one question that was asked to me by a Country Pastor... "If you are not serving God, who are you serving? It took me over thirty years to go back and thank that Pastor for opening my eyes. (Pastor Charles Pearce, of Grace Gospel Tabernacle, in Greensboro, NC.) I felt so thankful, I made a special trip to NC just to say "Thanks" in person. Charles did not lead me to the Lord, He led me BACK to My Savior's Arms, with those words that burned into my mind for 30+ years.
We are taught NOT to look back, as Lot and his wife are used for this example. I feel this refers to "NOT LOOKING BACK TO OUR SINFUL NATURE"... I think we SHOULD  "LOOK BACK TO OUR CHRISTIAN NATURE"  In this manner we can see the seeds we planted along our Christian lifetime, and see if we are leaving behind a weed garden, or a "Garden of Eden"

Romans 15:17

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