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Learning to Walk  

 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) States we are to pray continually, then clarifies the meaning, to mean that we are to give thanks for the bad times as well as the good times. (all circumstances) It also states this is God's will for us. (to be grateful for both the good times as well as the bad.) Some people do not understand why we should be grateful for the rough times Our Heavenly Father ALLOWS to be placed in our paths. To this I give this example:
As we try to teach our children to walk, we hold them by their hands to get them on the right path. But then we must let go of them, to see how well they have progressed. We watch them take a few steps, and fall. It is in their steps that they get the determination to try again, but they must fall, in order to see how far they have progressed! We praise them for how far they have learned to walked, not for falling on their butts.  However, allowing them to fall is a way to measure their walk. 
How is YOUR walk with Our Father? Have you learned from your falls? Have you allowed The Adversary to steal your joy of "the walk",  by complaining  about your "fall"?  GIVE THANKS FOR THE WALK!  We also need the "falls" to make us stronger! Learn from them!
God has placed me in situations I did not care to be in. BUT it made me stronger !  For those that did not know, or that are new to SalvationFirst Ministry:
( I was in jail, waiting  to go to trial for a year! So you see, I did not find God in jail, I bought Him in with me!, for those TO find Our Heavenly Father. ) 
This time also allowed Our Heavenly Father to measure how far I had walked in His Word. I knew The Adversary would have loved to have me get bitter, and give into the pit falls and snares. But I had God's strength with me! I did not study the "fall". I praised God, for knowing I was His child, and this was nothing for a Child of God's!  I knew God was always with me! My "latitude" changed, but not my attitude! I refused to give The Adversary what belonged to Our Heavenly Father! I used this time to preach to men that I would never have met on the streets! I am a Pastor... my job is to go anywhere to get "The lost sheep of God's"!  There was not a steeple on the building I was in, but I carried "a temple" within me! Three weeks after my "trial", I won a brand new car! (Link) & (Link) God gave me conformation He was ready to reward me for keeping my promise to serve Him, regardless of my location!  He removed people from my life, that were too "puffed up" to serve Him in the way He demands! Yes, I know what it is like to be placed in a furnace, and walking out! (Story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) (Daniel 3)
Please understand, I am not asking for sympathy for being unjustly confined, I am saying to take pride in knowing God Almighty has a mission for you. If you accept it, do not complain about it! Take pride in knowing He called you to do something! He knew you had what it took to FINISH it. I could have bonded out, but that would not have been a reason to have been there to start with! I knew I was not guilty of a crime, so God must have had an important reason for assigning this mission! The Lost Sheep I met there, could not have been reached in any other way, except through the means God used. The Adversary is used by God, to show Him the measure of our growth.
My prayer for all members of SalvationFirst Ministry... To know the Love of God is with you always, if you agree to carry His Love with you!

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