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I Know I am Right, But...
Does that make you wrong?


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I know I am right, but does that make you wrong?

Todays message is about the best way to remain strong in the face of stressful situations. Many accept stress as if it were a personal attack from the human realm. We must remember that stress is more than an attack on Our Spiritual / Physical Health. Stress also takes more than years of emotional enjoyment from us. It also takes the joys we were intended to have in the present.

Many have not learned to "Let It Go."  Example: Would you pay twenty dollars for a bag of French fries? That would be foolish! Yet many are ready and willing to argue a point for days, without any true value to us at all! However, the stress that it causes, has a residual effect on our mental and physical health. We "pay" way  to much, for way to little!

I was once told to "Chose Your Battles."  I thought it was more important to"Win" a Battle, than to just "Let it Go." As I look in the mirror today, and see the "Battle Scares" under my eyes, and the "Service Stripes" on my face, I realize how petty those arguments were. I won ALL the Battles, but still lost the war!

I  have found the BEST way to "Let it Go," and still win, was to set my importance of the situation. I think  many people KNOW they are wrong, but will still argue the point, just out of personal pride! I had to learn the only person that had to know I was correct... Was me! The person that was WRONG, did not need to know they were wrong!

"Chose Your Battles"... This means that unless it is going to effect a persons Spiritual or Physical health, Safety, or Reputation, just let it go!

Do not confuse "Opinion" with "Fact." Everyone has a right to their own WRONG opinion! (smile) LET IT GO! It is not worth the stress it will cause on your heart and a relationship with the person...

If you carry hard feelings for an argument, it also effects your relationship you have with Our Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit that is within all of God's children, can not remain in a vessel that is "unclean" We are to remain "Pure in Heart" To be a Christian, means to be Christ-like. Scripture tells us not to argue with a fellow Child of God's. We are told not to cause them to stumble, or place stumbling blocks in their paths.

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