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How do YOU Give To God?
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 How do you give?

Cross Let me start with an old joke about giving. We might laugh at it because we know people like this, but many people laugh because it  "hits them where they live." However, they will never be blessed with more, because they do not know how to part with any.

Father O'Shea, the parish priest in the village, was giving a sermon about charity.  He said, "The trouble with the world today is that some people have too much and others have too little.  We must give of ourselves and our worldly goods to help the less fortunate." 
He said to Harrigan, "If you had ten thousand pounds, wouldn't you give half of it to the poor?" 
He said, "I would that, Father." 
The priest said, "If you had two greyhounds, wouldn't you give one of them to your neighbor next door?" 
Harrigan said, "No." 
The priest said, "And why not?" 
"Because I have two greyhounds."  he replied

As long as we are not put to the test, we give freely. What would we do if Christ had this type of giving? He told us, and showed us that giving from the heart is Christian giving. It is not something you talk about, or brag about. It is a blessing in itself. Those that give from the heart, are thankful that we have it to give!  We do not worry about what is left, we worry about what is right! 

It is not right to make any of Gods children feel like they need to beg for needs. God gave you more than you needed to see what you would do with it. If you shared it, then you bring a smile to Our Fathers face. If you hoarded it, then you bring sadness to our Father. (But you bought a grin to Satan's  face)

To bring my point closer to home, I ask you this: How do you feel when YOUR CHILDREN share, without being told to. Are you just a little proud to say "That's MY child!"  Sharing and giving are both taught. I thought our youngest daughter (Grace) loved to share when she was 12 months old. (And I was so proud!) But at 18 months old, I heard her yell, "NO! MINE! What happened? Well for one thing, at 12 months she was not sharing, because she did not know it was hers. She thought the others were sharing with her.  But as soon as she found out it was hers, boy did she let you know it!

If you want to make Our Father find favor in you, do the things that make you find favor in your children. It is said that children do not come with an Owners Manual. This is not true. The Bible is "The Manual" to raising children. The Word of God has wisdom that we need to use everydayCross 

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