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Broaddus, TX
age: 61

joined:   Apr. 2009

I'm so glad to finally see you on your knees,
I've been waiting here for you so patiently.
If you'll just ask, I'll forgive you sins,
And set you free.
I'll hold your hand, come be my child.
and follow me.

I have watched the tears you've cried,
like falling rain.
I have seen your broken heart,
and felt your pain.
Child don't you know that my heart was broken too?
And the tears fell from my eyes, just like you.

I have loved you forever,
and been right by your side.
I wanted to comfort you,
and dry the tears you cried.

And now that you have come to me,
I must confess.
That my heart is full of joy,
and happiness.
I'll be with you forever more,
through eternity.
And someday, I will bring you home,
To be with me


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