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As we remember 9/11 let us never forget those who wear the uniform. Let's make sure their sacrifice is never in vain!!  
 This year alone we will see over 50,000 military men and women return home from the Afghan and Iraq war zones. Many of these men and women have been gone over a year from their friends, families, and homes. Some have returned very different from when they left! Some are returning with injuries (both physical and mental) that will follow them the rest of their lives. Thank God they are coming back to an America that for the most part loves our military and all they are doing for the cause of freedom. But with that being said we can never do enough to thank them for their service. some are even returning without a "Best Friend" that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!
We are honoring our returning soldiers by:
1). by welcoming them home at the airport (As George W. Bush did in Dallas), and shaking their hands. Let them know you love them and understand.
2). Working with sports teams (both high school, college and pro) to honor our vets by allowing one to throw out the first pitch, or lead the team out of the tunnel onto the field.
3). We are working with a great organization called "Operation Interdependence" They were founded in 2001 by a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer Please visit their web site and get involved!! (http://www.oidelivers.org/)
So as we reflect this Saturday (9/11/2010) let's be thankful for this great land of ours. And if you see a vet or returning soldier simply say "Thanks For Your Service". It will mean more than words can say!
Yours For Revival In America,
Ron Leonard ~US Army Retired~
Served In All Iraq and Afghan Conflicts


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God Bless The USA ! 

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