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This link is GREAT for those of you that want to "clean up" the forwarded email you recieve. This downloadable program removes those pesky >> signs and the BLUE BORDER streak from these Emails, so you can send them to your friends in a "CLEAN & PRINTABLE" format. It is offered FREE from Papercut. http://www.papercut.biz/emailStripper.htm 


E-Mail Provider 

The following link will bring you to MyWay.com, It is like Yahoo in many ways. I like it because it is very easy to manage Email and their many other services on. I use it as a "back up" to my Aol account. They are "Banner free", and pages come up very fast, regardless of your IP. Many of our members know SalvationFirst Ministries has used MyWay.Com for 2 years. As a service, they are very good, as a free service, they are great!


CHEAP GAS IN YOUR AREA  The following link will bring you to the places that sell cheaper fuel in your area. It is a heat map of the USA. Place your zip code in the proper area, and it will give you the fuel prices for that location. This is better than driving around and looking for the BEST PRICE in your town. The linkis for Columbus Gas Prices, however the zip code will update to your chosen location     http://www.columbusgasprices.com/Price_By_County.aspx?state=OH&c=usa

   The  link below will also take you to a web sit sponsored by MSN to check fuel prices. Rather than using a map to click on, you type in the zip code for the area.  http://autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstations.aspx?zip=&src=Netx   So check them all out, and see what site works better for you to add to your bookmarks. Remember to

 "Take care of your nickels, and God will take care of your dollars."

AOL's Instant Messenger Download (AIM)
The links below will take you to the download for AOL's AIM (Instant Messenger). This is nice to have even if you have America on Line as an IP.
It is even better if you don't!




This is interesting. Click on whatever state you want and then it will show the city or towns you want to view, click on which one you want to view. See if you know any of them.

SPEEDTRAP or this web link below:


Below is a site that is operated by my cousin Dawn and her husband Mark. They live in Massachusetts. So if you are ever in or plan to visit the area, you might want to visit the site and see if they have any concerts planned. Currently they have a CD available. For more information, visit their site at:
http://www.unityministries.com/  You may also visit our calendar and see if any events are planned in the area.
 Special Note:
 If you have any questions or need directions, please email Dawn Jarrell at: unityministries@charter.net
Bless you!
Mark & Dawn
Unity Ministries

This Link will allow you to find the value of homes. You will need the address and the zip code. If you do not know the zip, then you may type in the city and state. http://www.zillow.com/

Say hello to free directory assistance. Away from your phone? Find all the free phone numbers you need right here.Just Click on this, or cut and paste this ... http://www.free411.com/index.php

The link below is a "transition tool" for high school seniors that comes in the form of a CD and DVD. It will aid a student in making the transition from "under your roof" going to church to "I am 18, free, going to college, and should I party down!"This year's CD includes an online graduate devotional journal, interactive scrapbook, links to campus ministries, and 11 contemporary Christian songs that deal with the issues graduates are facing. It is put out by an organization called Interlinc, which works with 60,000 churches helping youth pastors use music and media in evangelism and discipleship of students.
Are you Lonely?
There is a web site that is REALLY free to help those of you that are single, widowed, or divorced. The web site is www.DateHookUp.com
and it is a great site to make friends on. As with all date web sites, you should know that it is available to those that are not what they claim. However the services are there for you to meet people in YOUR area of the country. I have met many friends there that Love our Lord and Savior. They offer a BLOG section, as well as opinion forums. BTW~ my user name is "IcouldLOVEyou" (smile) So if you find yourself in need of a Christian Friend... Try it out!  

Have you heard of Daily Referral?

It's a great new site with unbeatable deals at top-rated businesses in your favorite cities. I signed up, and now I'm getting news, updates, special offers, and exclusive deals from businesses I'm following based on my interests. Go to http://www.DailyReferral.com/signup/r46677 to get started! 


Again it should be noted, that this is a FREE service!

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