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You SAY what the Bible says is true, but do you BELIEVE what the Bible says is true!

I watched a news show that had parents on trial for not caring for their sick child. They had brought their child to their church, and the members "Laid Hands" on the child to heal him. The child died... Because they did not take the child to a physician, they were charged... WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE ON THEIR JURY?

I know Our Heavenly Father ANSWERS  ALL PRAYERS!     When we put our problems in His Hands, then we must accept the outcome! I am sure that if God had decided to allow the child to live, everyone would know that it was to Glorify His Name. But the truth is when we put our problems in HIS HANDS, we must accept what God wants, not what we want! God knew what the child's future held. We do not decide when we will die, Almighty God does!
If you go to the SalvationFirst PrayerWheel, you will see prayers for Almighty God to take a person home while they sleep, so they will not suffer. Our Heavenly Father is not just Abba Father, He is Almighty God! I would never TELL God Almighty what to do, He is my Heavenly FATHER, not my CHILD! I know my place in the pecking order! I am glad I have been adopted into The Family!
I do know that I would bring my children to a doctor when they are sick... Because I do believe in God. I allow physicians to treat my children, knowing I am going to pray Our Heavenly Father guides this person to do whatever they can. I also pray Our Heavenly Father will intercede where or what the physician can not heal. I pray for the outcome to be used to GLORIFY the Power of Our Almighty God. I also pray that His Will to be done... As we are to walk in the Will of God!
One day we will ALL be judged by Our Heavenly Father.
All those that passed judgment on me, will have the Wrath of God to deal with. This is a promise Abba Father made to me when I let go of all the pain caused by The Adversary's Children. "It is God to avenge"... All those that told lies to advance their needs, and their desires, will be held accountable to God, NOT me!  Job showed his love in a way seldom asked of by God. Joseph showed his faith, and did not ask for punishment on his family that betrayed him. He did not ask for the woman that accused him of rape, to be punished, even though he spent three years in jail due to her lie!
We are in this world long enough to destroy our chances to be born again into Heaven. But we also are here long enough to make a difference in others' lives. How long will you be remembered? My brother drowned when he was seven. He made a difference in my life, and led me to God before he joined Our Heavenly Father's Rest. He KNEW Almighty God as HIS FATHER! He explained to his little brother (me) how he had a daddy that really loved him! He told me with tears in his eyes about how he was going to be God's little boy. He told me all this six days before he drowned... His last words were "Tell mommy I love her"... It was my brother's love, that gave me memories that still cause me to ache for my Big Brother of seven years of age.
Many of you have asked to know a little more about me. Now you do...
Pastor Mark Wilkinson 

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