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Deception & Betrayal,

Deception & Betrayal

This sermon deals with the problems we face and the pains we suffer from those we regard as Family and Friends. We often expect to be treated more harshly by those we do not know. This is because we reserve our trust for those we have learned to trust. It is for this very reason we are hurt so severely by those that betray this trust.
Deception is one means betrayal can be implemented, but it is often used on those we refer to as strangers as well. It is used as a common practice in and among advertisers on Television, as well as governments and the public in general.  "Bending" the truth seems a polite way of saying "DECEPTION in use". The government tries to take problems, and give them to "SPIN DOCTORS", so they can take bad news and make it "easier to taste" or to sell to us.
What do YOU practice? Are you HONEST? Do you tell "WHITE LIES". A white lie is a lie that has been re-packaged. Jesus Christ never told ANY lies! He says He hates a liar! He calls Satan the DECEIVER, The Father of Deception, and the Father of Lies

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