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Close The Door Behind You


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"Close The Door Behind You"

How many times have you heard that from your parents when you were a child? In Our Christian life, this is STILL GREAT ADVICE!

When one door closes and another opens, we spent way to much time looking at the close door, that we do not see the new door God has opened for us. We tend to beat our heads against a wall, without realizing there is an opportunity to better our situation.

Many claim they have faith, but never allow their faith to run their lives. They hang on to a lost battle, and keep worrying about the outcome. If they had REALLY allowed God to control their decisions, they would not have any reason to worry! If your child asked for food to eat, would you give them a stone? Of course not, and Our Heavenly Father would not do that to us either. However, when my children leave me out of their decisions, I sit back and watch them, just so they will learn a lesson. I am come still there for them, but I have seen them fail due to poor planning, and an endless other reasons. I will help them, when they come to me, but I must allow them to have their free-will. 

The Word of God states we should be as children to Our Heavenly Father. CHILDREN, not teenagers! I say this, because I have been heard to say, "I wish I was as smart as my 6  year old thinks I am, but glad I am not as stupid as my 15 year old thinks I am" We should KNOW where to go for advice, wisdom, guidance, encouragement, Agape Love, strength, and direction. Our Heavenly Father gives us ALL these things. (No wonder I worship Him!)

So I guess the best advice a Pastor can really give a person that needs any of the many gifts Our Heavenly Father has to offer, is just to PUSH, and the problem will become a lesson.



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