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Two thousand plus years ago, Our Savior looked up into the Heavens, and saw my soul. When others would see the faults in me, Christ saw my potential. He did not see a rock, He saw a gem. He knew I could be cleaned, smoothed, and polished. As He "paid for my cleaning", He asked Our Heavenly Father to forgive me...

When I was 17 years old, I asked Our Father to "Clean me up." I was NOT the same child that I was when I was 6 years old.
I have been cleaned, and I have had many rough edges removed. but I still have not been as polished as Our Heavenly Father intends for me to be. So right now I might not be much to look at...  but Our Father is not done with me yet.


 Easter Cross Value who you have in life,  Easter Cross 
not the value of the things in your life...
I will know the value you place on me... 
By where you place our friendship... 
 Blow Kiss 
Pastor Mark 

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